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I care deeply and fret too much. I am also curious and my curiosity and nurturing combine to make me feel deeply for others.

I love my husband. I love my children. I love my grand boys. I love being outdoors and especially away from the suburbs. I love life and I am learning to love the me I am. Oh, and I love essential oils! I love elephants and the laugh of a kookaburra. I love babies and little people (they are so much fun).

OK well this list is going to be too long. I just love!

Teressa with the elephants

My Story

“I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul” *‘Invictus’. (William Ernest Henley (1849-1903))

I am a wife, a mother, and a grandmother to a beautiful set of twins that I adore. Although i am all of these things, I am also me. 

Stand alone, independent and uniquely me. After a 28-year hiatus, I had an uncle make contact with me in 2017. 

Part of my journey to become me included the total detachment from the family I was born into. Agreeing to meet up with my two Uncles and two Aunts while they were on a visit to Perth was probably up there with the hardest things I have ever had to do. It was an elemental part of this journey of discovering me that I am on.

Let me tell you about my life until that visit. I was born the eldest to a husband and wife. The wife had her own issues and for whatever reason did not take parenting seriously. Consequently, I was a neglected baby and little girl. I met a lady at a funeral when I was in my 30’s who exclaimed “So nice to see you. You know we had you dumped on us so often and you were so badly looked after that we had a routine. We bathed you immediately, treated your inevitable nappy rash and dressed you in the clothes we kept at our house for you. We adored you and wanted very much to keep you as our own…”

I still am not sure who this lady was or how she related to the family I was born into. Clearly an angel sent to keep me alive for my later and greater purpose. I had a brother just after my first birthday and two sisters some years later from various relationships the wife had. 

The second marriage and second sister gave me a stepfather. He had an unhealthy interest in young girls. That was my life for around 4 years. I have a clear and distinct memory of being in Mrs Treasures class, watching her with fascination – she had this odd habit of closing her eyes while she lectured – and it was as clear to me as her face, It stopped today. 

I went home as per usual and exposed it all. It did stop that day.

To add a further layer of fun to my interesting life, I was going blind. 

I had a degenerative disease in my retina that was going to render me blind. I can look back now and I recognise my inner strength, my gumption and my power to make a stand when needed. Paradoxically, I was sad, lost and knew deep down that there was something really rotten about me for these things to happen.

I struggled on. I made bad relationship choices, had a child of my own and was just getting on. Even saying that, I can still pinpoint areas of my life when I was strong and straight and clear, just not enough.

The universe truly blessed me when I met my darling husband in 1995. For all my insecurities and foibles, he still loves me and we have a great life together looking forward to the empty nest and an early retirement (for him anyhow).

This leads me to now. 

2013 saw my Government job abolished and I was redundant. My darling supported my need to study and off to Uni I went. It was great, I have a degree and I also have a clear idea of how I want to help others – with heart and spirit. Enters Rebekah, she introduced me to the oils, holistic practices and crystals. This has opened a whole new world for me. A world of discovery, joy, tears and renewal. My newly acquainted Aunt was telling me a story the other day, she recalled a time when I was left at her house again, with no clothes and what I was wearing was…anyhow she raced off got material and made me some outfits. She describes my grin as wide and gorgeous. She wisely says that little girl, the one with the huge grin is beautiful and knows she is beautiful, knows she is loved and accepts her right to adoration. That little girl is the one I am eagerly reaching my hand out to. 

I am still on my journey of discovery. Still learning about the best me I can be and do the best me I have each and every day. 

We all have a story, we each and every one of us has a journey to take. I would love to be part of yours. Let me be by your side as we take a trip. 

A trip through Aroma Freedom, Essential Oils and loving, caring and joy. 

Be joyful always.*Invictus:Latin adjective, “unconquered, unsubdued, invincible.

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