What is Bowen therapy?


Bowen Therapy is a soft tissue modality, which administers changes to the mechanics and function of the body. Developed by the late Tom Bowen, this modality has received international acclaim.

Fascial Kinetics looks at the various relationships that exist within the body and demonstrates how Bowen Therapy is able to assist in bringing harmony to these mechanical and physiological relationships.
Fundamental to Fascial kinetics is the belief that the healing achieved by a healer is ultimately only a reflection of the healing achieved within the healer.
It’s not the technique, but the attitude that determines one’s success.
What sets Fascial Kinetics apart from the other modalities?
The difference is that fascial Kinetics balances the science of healing with the art of healing. It supports both structure and function, and addresses the body, mind and spirit.

Why are you being given a FREE treatment?
What’s the catch?

No CATCH! Currently, I have completed BT1, BT2 and BT3. For my qualifications to be complete I require 80 case studies (clients) in addition to ongoing training requirements. A treatment can be between $70 – $100 each. 

For you, FREE. 

A complimentary treatment at a time to suit your family and work needs.

Who can benefit from Bowen treatments?

Anyone even our very youngest little people. Are you sleeping well? Are you constipated or have other gastric issues? Does your baby have colic? Do you have pains in your hip, back, shoulder, feet? Are you on medication that is seeming to be less effective over time? Bowen could be the answer. 

Call me to ask about my experience with Bowen and book your treatment today.

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