Aroma Freedom Technique(AFT)

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Do you give off the impression of being positive, all together and in control but that inner voice inside of you is negative, self-sabotaging & prevents you reaching your full potential?

What if you could instantly and permanently break the cycle and create a new you from the inside out?
Time to break those patterns and take flight as the very best you.

What is AFT and how does it work?​

Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) is a whole new approach to brain reprogramming!

When a memory is created, it is stored as a complex of image-thought-feeling-bodily sensation. Implicit (emotional) learning is based on this memory complex.

Aroma Freedom Techniques are gentle yet profound. They use a combination of Young Living Essential Oils with specific focusing techniques and coaching to create a permanent shift or re-structure of the memory complex. This principle of memory re-consolidation re-wires neural pathways and brings clarity, peace and optimism, transforming your outlook and perspective.


Teressa Andrews

I am a trained Counsellor and a Certified AFT practitioner, so guiding you through this process is what I do for you. I absolutely will guide you through this process with joy and compassion.

I am a qualified counsellor with a passion for all things natural, kids and of course big people.

I have undertaken extensive training to work with children and has a current WWC (Working With Children).

I strongly adheres to the belief that everyone has what they need inside, she is the facilitator to find your Natural Flight. You hold the answers, she will help you find them.

Aroma Freedom facilitates that process.

With a strong military connection, I work with PTSD and uses the TMRT (The Memory Resolution Technique) frequently with excellent results with both adults and children.

I have full flexibility and am happy to work over ZOOM or Skype with anyone regardless of time zone. I am excited to work with you and looks forward to connecting with you soon.


Teressa has undergone the 16-week Certification through Aroma Freedom Academy. The course is overseen by the founder and developer of AFT, Dr Benjamin Percus. An intense 250hours of training and practise is required to reach mastery - Aroma Freedom Certification.

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Common Q&A

Everyone! That is the cool thing about AFT. Children to Adults. All variety of situations.

A specialised blend ‘Memory Release Blend’, Lavender, Frankincense, StressAway. Release,
Inner Child, Trauma-Life, Believe, Transformation.
Although these are recommended, substitutions can be made with care.

For a small fee, I can have the oils required in yourhands in no time.
Have a goal that you just can’t reach, that seems totally unattainable or out of your control?
Perfect! AFT is for you.

Aroma Freedom is amazingly simple yet complex enough that only one session can be the clearing that you need. Each person is unique in their needs.

Not necessarily. The technique was developed by a psychologist with a solid understanding of the
Counselling session process. This knowledge and experience has been utilized to develop a simple
technique that is fast, effective and can be stand alone. Keep in mind, each person and situation is
different so outcomes will vary. What is consistent though is the difference even one session will

Follow the contact link and we can talk about all things fee based.
Contact me and we can discuss any further questions you have. Or visit Aroma for more information.
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