Making you & your home smell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Why DIFFUSE at all?

Diffusing essential oils is by far my favourite way to enjoy these little bottles of therapeutic potency! Diffusing essential oils helps to tap into your emotional brain. There is no better way to reach the limbic system than through smell and the targeted use of excellent essential oils. Diffusing essential oils in your home can promote relaxation, good sleep, and may even support you during times of emotional upheaval. The limbic system is a powerful part of our brain that can affect our whole lives, so giving it some extra love and attention is always good. Essential oils are full of oxygenating molecules. This means when you breathe essential oil molecules into your body you are essentially (pun intended) supporting your brain and blood function. Who doesn’t need a little help here from time to time? Diffusing is also an easy and effective alternative to toxic air freshener. Diffusing essential oils helps keep your air clean and healthy. Unlike scented candles, plug ins, or synthetic air fresheners, which are quite literally toxic to your body, a good quality, therapeutic grade essential oil is 100% all-natural, with no added chemicals like zenoestrogens. They will make your house smell amazing and keep your air clean and pure. If you love any of the below recipes, consider using a dropper bottle and multiply the recipe into the bottle. Gently roll the bottle to mix all the oil and label it. When you are keen to use that blend you love , no searching for each essential oil because it is already to rock and roll. What could be simpler! This is a great way to take that favourite blend with you and use it in the car, motel or at a friends. I took a favourite blend to a friends home and she could not wait to order the oils in for herself as she loved it as well. Simple yet effective!😊 Keep a couple of the simple bead and lava rock pieces of jewellery around, place drops into your hand with the jewellery and work the oil into the beads. Smell like your favourite essential oil all day. Yummy!

Safety Tip:

If essential oil gets in the eye, it will sting! Use a fatty oil, olive, coconut, grapeseed and drop a little oil into the eye.  The essential oil will roll out easing the stinging. Water will push the essential oil into the eye so AVOID!

Pollen Puncher Blend

This is an excellent tip for those times that seasonal support is a must. 

Add oil to cupped palm, 1 drop Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender. Mix with a three circle swish. 

Cup hands over nose and breathe in until no more smell or sneezing.

Also great for roller or diffuser. Adjust drops to suit room if diffusing.

Time to Focus Blend

This blend smells amazing. I have it pre-made up for any time. 

During a Bowen class that was particularly tedious and although necessary, we diffused this all day. Totally Awesome!

Christmas Already Blend

citrus uplift

Its that time of the month again roller blend

Negativity Shield

Got that person or situation that you just can’t avoid? Try this gorgeous blend to get you through your day.

Sleep like a rock diffuser blend

Sitting by the Ocean diffuser blend

Super Mum blend

Which Mum does not need a little super powers every now and again.

Try this little beauty for that superpower boost!

This should be made up into a small bottle first and added to diffuser with drops according to room size. Alternatively, make up and add 10 drops of the blend into a 10ml roller and use during your day! 😊

SFresh Boost

Smells like rain

Imagine that dreaded rental inspection….your agent walks in, gets a whiff of your gorgeous blends, ticks all boxes and leaves with a smile! Win Win!!

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